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Huaneng spared no effort to participate in earthquake relief and disaster prevention work of Ya'an city
At 8:02 am, April 20, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake stroke Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province. China Huaneng Group promptly started the contingency plans for major and sudden natural disasters, and related staff of the emergency response command and office were all in place to orderly carry out various earthquake relief work.

After the earthquake, President Cao Peixi, and General Secretary of Huaneng Committee Huang Yongda made deployment of earthquake relief work immediately. They demanded prompt start of emergency plans and active participation in emergency rescue and disaster relief, so as to ensure safety, stability and power supply. Other leaders of the Group also made specific arrangements on key issues like personnel and equipment safety, reservoir operation, telecommunication, supplies logistics, etc. The company launched a 24-hour emergency duty reporting system, to keep abreast of the latest progress on earthquake relief and to take corresponding measures. On the afternoon of April 20th, Kou Wei, Vice President of China Huaneng Group, went to the frontline of disaster-hit area to organize earthquake relief work. Huaneng Sichuan Branch Company earnestly implemented the deployment of the Group Company, and carried out various measures for earthquake relief and prevention of aftershocks and secondary disasters.

At the time of the earthquake, there were no casualties or significant loss of equipment in Huaneng Sichuan Branch Company. Huaneng Sichuan Branch Company not only completed anti-seismic work of its own, but also actively participated in local earthquake relief work, to ensure completion of the earthquake relief tasks.
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