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Hu Jianmin met with Assistant Secretary of US DOE

On September 19, Vice President of China Huaneng Group, Hu Jianmin, met with Assistant Secretary of US DOE, Charles McConnell. Both parties exchanged opinions on strengthening cooperation in energy saving and emissions reduction.

Hu Jianmin briefly introduced the progress of GreenGen IGCC demonstration project. He said, the IGCC demonstration project is now in the stage of overall commissioning. China Huaneng Group will further optimize its engineering system, and explore pre-combustion carbon capture technology, and try to reduce the construction and operating costs of IGCC projects, so as to gather experience for China’s low carbon development. The U.S. has great strength in scientific research while China has advantages in construction cost and equipment manufacturing, so both sides can deepen mutual cooperation and complement each other.

McConnell expressed his congratulations on the progress of the GreenGen IGCC demonstration project, and introduced the development of shale gas and its relevant industries in the United States. He said, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly development is a common issue in the global energy field, and the exploration of sustainable energy technology requires the collaboration of all stakeholders all over the world. US DOE would like to enhance exchange and cooperation with China Huaneng Group, and to jointly make contributions to the low carbon development of energy industry and to combating climate change.

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