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Cao Peixi met with GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt

On Sep. 29, President Cao Peixi, Vice President Hu Jianmin, and Chief Engineer Hu Shihai of China Huaneng Group met with GE’s Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt and his delegation. Both sides exchanged views on further strengthening their exchange and cooperation, and discussed over matters of mutual concern.

Cao Peixi introduced the current development situations and future development planning of China Huaneng Group, and also described his recent visit to GE Company. He said, for many years, China Huaneng Group has been actively making efforts to optimize the industrial structure, and has initiated the Actions Plans on Green Development, with an aim to increase the development of clean energy, and to improve the clean and efficient use of conventional fossil energy. Huaneng and GE had established a long-term cooperative relationship. He also hoped to strengthen the further exchange with GE, and to continue deepening the cooperation in new energy and new technology areas, so as to made positive contributions to deal with the global climate change and promote energy conservation and emission abatement.

Jeff Immelt also showed his admiration for the achievements of China Huaneng Group. He said, GE has been paying close attention to the international cooperation in clean energy area and has maintained deep cooperation with China Huaneng Group. In the future, GE would expand its cooperation with China Huaneng Group in energy development and technology R&D to realize mutual benefits and joint development.

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