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China Huaneng Group Convenes 2012 Mid-year Working Conference


On July 17-18, China Huaneng Group held 2012 Mid-year Working Conference and Economic Activity Analysis Meeting in Beijing. The conference summarized the work in the first half year, analyzed the current situation, and deployed the key work in the second half year. The conference also motivated all staff to make great efforts to accomplish various annual tasks and contribute to the goal of building Huaneng into a world-class company with international competitiveness.

Mr. Cao Peixi, President of China Huaneng Group, made a report on “Making Great Efforts to Fully Accomplish Various Annual Tasks”. Mr. Huang Yongda, Secretary of the Huaneng Committee, made a closing speech.

Cao Peixi comprehensively reviewed and summarized the work in the first half year in the report, and fully acknowledged the achievements. He said, in the first half year, the entire Group adhered to the decisions made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council as well as the requirements from the SASAC, comprehensively implemented the deployment of the Group’s annual working conference and a series of professional meetings, and steadily pushed forward various tasks and laid a foundation for completing the annual goals. By the end of June, China Huaneng Group had wholly-owned and majority-owned power assets at home and abroad with total installed capacity of 128.6GW, up by 8.5% over the previous year; installed capacity of low-carbon clean energy exceeded 25 GW; generated electricity of 294400GWh, achieved sales revenue of 139.84 billion Yuan, up by 7.9% over the previous year, and produced 35.09 million tons of coal, up by 8.8% over the previous year; the Company gained approval for 5470MW of new power projects, and put into operation 3450MW of new power projects. The Company won Class A honor in SASAC’s annual performance assessment for the 7th time, and is once again listed as one of the Fortune 500 Companies, ranking 246 in 2012.

Cao Peixi made a profound analysis on the current situation faced by the Company and the situation of three major markets of power, coal and capital. He stressed that all departments and subsidiary companies should enhance analysis and anticipation on new changes and new features, and effectively solve problems in production safety, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction and other aspects so as to ensure full completion of the annual goals and tasks.

Cao Peixi required that, in the second half year, the Company should focus on completion of the annual goals and tasks, make great efforts on safety and stability, increase production and income, reduce cost and consumption, adjust business structures, so as to fulfill the annual performance goals, and spare no efforts to build Huaneng into a world-class company with international competitiveness. Cao Peixi deployed the priority work in the following aspects for the second half of the year: to further strengthen safety management; to further strengthen operation and management; to further promote development; to further improve capital operation and international operations; to further strengthen energy saving and emission reduction; to further strengthen scientific and technological innovation; to further strengthen enterprise management; to further strengthen team building.

Huang Yongda emphasized in his closing speech that all units of Huaneng should thoroughly implement the purport of the conference in close combination with their actual situation, and work creatively to ensure full completion of the annual goals and tasks. All the staff should strengthen judgment of the economic situation, and be more forward-looking; check up the shortcomings, and enhance the effectiveness of the work; strengthen industrial cooperation, and pay attention to summarization and experience exchange.

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