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Hu Jianmin Met with Chief Executive of CSIRO

On August 14, Hu Jianmin, Vice President of China Huaneng Group, met with Dr. Megan Clark, Chief Executive of CSIRO (the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization). The two parties exchanged opinions on further strengthening technological cooperation in the field of energy.

Hu Jianmin introduced Huaneng’s efforts on energy conservation and emission reduction, and also China’s recent policies on emission reduction. He said, as the second largest power producer in the world, China Huaneng Group has always attached great importance to clean development; with all new units applying world-leading power equipments and technologies. Meanwhile, China Huaneng Group continuously speeds up power sources restructuring to stably raise the proportion of renewable energy including hydropower, wind power, solar power and so on, and extensively carries out technical cooperation programs with domestic and foreign research institutions to actively develop clean power technologies such as IGCC, HTGR (high temperature gas cooled reactor) and so on. In future, China Huaneng Group plans to strengthen research and development on generating units with advanced parameters and larger capacity, so as to enhance effectiveness and promote green development. Hu Jianmin expressed his hope to strengthen cooperation between the two parties, and to set up a long-lasting mechanism for regular technical exchange, so as to jointly make more contributions to dealing with global climate change and safeguarding energy security.

Dr. Clark gave a brief introduction on CSIRO’s important research fields, Australian carbon tax regulation, and its impact on Australian energy companies. She said, Australia is the largest coal exporter in the world; as the largest R&D institution in Australia, CSIRO owns world advanced technologies regarding upgrading coal-fired efficiency, gas power technology, post-combustion carbon capture technology, large-scale wind power storage, wind energy control system, solar thermal power and so on. CSIRO highly values the cooperation with China Huaneng Group, and hopes to conduct regular technical exchange with China Huaneng Group, and further expand the cooperative fields.
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